Woman Hides Bomb In Dress At Wedding, Dog Will Sacrifice Himself


A dog can be trained to detect all manner of bombs by memorizing a dozen or so smells. Some bomb components are more odoriferous than others.

Many animals are just as intelligent as humans and can be trained to do amazing things even human can’t do. They can be trained to guide people, calm people, find people, and sniff out drugs or bombs. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives; Customs and Border Protection; local law enforcement and private security companies employ bomb-sniffing dogs that are properly trained and conditioned for the job.

“Classical conditioning techniques using food rewards and toys,” Slate explains. “In early phases of training, the dog is told to sit each time he finds the odor—that becomes the signal he uses to alert his handler when a bomb is present.

The dog is fed only when in the presence of the explosive. Using a food reward instead of praise and play prevents an exclusive bond between dog and handler, which might prevent the dog from working well with others.”

These dogs are required to learn to recognize the active ingredients that could be found in a bomb.

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