Wolf Dog Sings To Screaming Baby – His Solution Relaxes The Baby


This is adorable. In the wild when a wolf pup cries, all the adults of the pack start to sing. This is for two reasons. One, to let any lurking predators know that his crying baby is not alone…. it’s pack is with it and they are ready to defend it. And two, to soothe the baby and let it know that it’s «family» is near.

A mother’s voice is the most soothing sound a young baby can hear. But what happens when mom isn’t around? One animal won pet of the year by lulling his human into a calm, quite state. The baby was laying in his stroller inside the house, and it seemed that nothing could calm him down. The family dog, a wolf-mix, heard that his human was distressed and wanted to help. He quickly found a way to comfort the infant.

The dog took his post next to the stroller, just a foot away from the baby. He sat down and stretched out his neck, prepared to sooth the child’s cries. This pup began to sing to the crying baby! He let out a long, low howl right next to the little boy’s ears. It was clear that this sound was meant to calm the child. The dog varied the tones of his voice as he belted out a relaxing tune.

It seemed to work. The baby stopped crying as the pup took a breath between notes. As the dog continued to sing, the boy seemed confused about what was happening. He looked around, not expecting his pet to make such a melodic sound.

Soon the baby was completely relaxed. He had stopped crying, and whatever had upset him in the first place seemed to be gone. The dog had done an excellent job of filling the role of babysitter while mom was busy.

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