Family Decided To Do Incredibly Selfless For 3,000 Stray Dogs


This is our hope, such kind people, as long as good is on earth, all living beings can survive.

Could you imagine being surrounded by 3,000 dogs with wagging tails, giving wet, sloppy kisses to you all day long? For some, it may sound like a dream, but for one family – it’s their reality.

Mrs. Hsu’s Sanctuary opened five years ago by one very selfless family in Taiwan. Sadly, the country has an overwhelming abundance of stray dogs and the number of dogs at the Hsu family’s shelter was starting to become hard to manage.

As they started to take in more and more dogs, a Good Samaritan in the community heard about their efforts and donated a large facility to Mrs. Hsu’s sanctuary. With this new facility, the family was able to provide enough space for thousands of dogs in need of rescue and shelter. Now, 3,000 dogs live at the Hsu Family’s shelter. All of them are hoping to someday find their forever home.

The shelter has now become the largest in Taiwan and one volunteer, named Angel Wang, jumped at the chance to help out. It pained her to see how many homeless dogs were living in and around her community.

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