In Loving Arms:He Takes Sick Dog To The Lake Every Day.


To know an animal is in pain is awful. He cannot talk to you and tell you. God bless both him and his daddy. How beautiful to see what a bond, his memories will last forever the gap in his life will never lessen…

Sometimes the bond between man and animal is stronger than anything else in the world… There are times that the love of a dog for their masters is even greater than the love of others for them. Once you know how to take good care of your pet, they will surely love you in the most unexpected way.

A perfect example of this story is the love of John Unger towards his dog Schoep. They were inseparable for 19 years. Mr Unger, told that he and his then-fiancee adopted Schoep when the pup was only eight months old and had been abused by its former owner. The couple worked hard to establish the trust of the dog and eventually brought out it’s ‘full potential’.

Though Mr Unger’s relationship with Schoep has clearly stood the test of time, the relationship with his fiancée did not, and when the woman moved to Colorado over a decade ago, he retained custody of the dog. Lucky that he did, considering he told the paper that one night, while in the depths of depression in the wake of the breakup, Mr Unger contemplated suicide.

But now Schoep is old and has arthritis. He’s in so much pain that he can no longer walk and run. Unger knew that people suffering from arthritis respond well to water therapy, so he brought his aging dog to one of their favorite spots: Lake Superior. His idea was to take advantage of the lake’s higher-than-average temperatures last summer and let Schoep feel weightless and relaxed.

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