Guilty Dog Knows He’s Been Busted And Has HILARIOUS Reaction!


This is how he tried to slink away. 😂🤣 I love it! Dogs are the best!!! I could never stay mad at my dog either! He got the most hilarious reaction!

Who says dogs don’t feel guilty? Sometimes you really can blame it on the dog, because he tells you right away that it’s guilty of something. A tucked tail, droopy ears and reluctance to make eye contact are telltale signs that something is amiss. How many times have you left an object unattended in your home and your dog has used it as a toy to sharpen its teeth? Matzo the dog became a prime suspect of a knocked over trash can.

The moment Matzo sees his mom, Melissa, walk into the kitchen, he knew he was busted! After Mom walked in on the mess, she confronted her beloved pooch, and got the most hilarious reaction. Although some may claim that dog’s can’t feel guilt, this adorable dog slowly slinks away, and his reaction told her everything she needed to know.

Captured on camera by the dog’s owner, Matzo can’t hide his guilt and do something extremely funny when its owner challenges it. It will be hard not to laugh!

Fortunately for Matzo, his silly routine lightened up his owner’s mood. Her angry tone turned to laughter when she saw her dog’s reaction.

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