Dog Reunited With Family After Three Years and 2,500 Miles Apart


A pleasant friendship, not without reason we say that the dog is the man’s best friend! He never forgot his adoptive family!

The bond between a dog and their guardian is completely unparalleled. Our dogs seem to know us better than we know ourselves and you would be hard-pressed to find a dog guardian who isn’t ridiculously obsessed with their pup (in a good way of course). So when something happens to separate a dog and their parent, it can be traumatic for all involved.

Andrea Arce lost her best friend, a German Shepherd named Rico, after a messy break-up nearly three years ago. She and her kids were heartbroken. But despite the distance between Andrea and Rico, neither ever forgot one another.

Just when Andrea had all but given up hope of ever seeing her beloved pup again, she received a call from an animal shelter employee in Virgina explaining that they had found Rico wandering the streets nearly 2,500 miles away in Virginia. It is not known how this German Shepherd managed to travel all the way from San Diego, California to Virginia.

But he is now back home in California and has been reunited with Andrea and her two little girls! Rico was flown back home on a United Airlines flight, and Arce and her daughters, 6 and 8, went to pick him up. The girls had no idea they were being reunited with their former friend, so they were completely surprised when they saw old familiar Rico waiting in a cage.

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