Baby Tries To Go For A Ride On Their Dog


Very cute😍😘😘😗 It was funnny but sometimes the babies get too aggressive and parents should stop them occasionally so that they don’t make an habit of it. Not only for the babies own safety but also because dogs feel pain too, just like we all do.

Dogs have tons of patience with the babies and toddlers in their family.

Sometimes, babies will test the dogs’ patience by playing with their ears or chasing them around the house. But dogs never let this teasing get to them. They may not understand what these tiny humans are doing, but they stay calm and relaxed. This video compilation shows some hilarious examples of babies annoying their dogs.

These babies and toddlers find tons of creative ways to bug their dogs. One little girl follows her dog around, desperately trying to get the dog to sit. She finally achieves her goal after chasing the confused pup around the kitchen.

Another clip shows a baby girl cutely petting her bulldog’s head. But then, she suddenly leans down and puts the dog’s ear in her mouth. The dog is completely unfazed by this turn of events.

There’s also a heartwarming clip of a baby kissing two tiny puppies. In response, the puppies show their affection for the baby by licking him! There are also a few different clips of the babies and toddlers going for a ride on their dog.

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