The most weird friendship: ragdoll cat and koi carp.


What do you know about the koi carp? Did you know that they are very friendly fishes? They really comunicate with a lot of different animals. And this is wonderful. It means that they are really very clever animals. And they also very big, so it is not so easy to catch them.

This video shows that friendship is a strange thing and it can happen between most different animals and humans in the world. The ragdoll kitty befriended with the beautiful koi carp. And they even give some kisses to each other. Awwww. This is so cute!

They say you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer, but a cat in Asia has taken this advice to a new level after appearing to strike up an unlikely relationship with a pond full of its prey. The cat was caught on video getting up close and personal with a pond full of its erstwhile dinner, observing them circulate temptingly in the water below.

But rather than opting to go in for the kill, the cat instead went for the kiss, coyly planting a series of smooches on the pool of Koi carp fish which surfaced to greet it. Whether it will be getting much kudos from its kitty companions for this conquest however remains another matter.

Timo the ragdoll cat has many adorable adventures. There was the time when Timo hilariously tried to use his cat hammock. And now there’s this cute video of the cat visiting the koi pond in the backyard. He’s off to see one particular white fish that his human says is his friend.

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