Funny lazy cat manages to eat from a bowl and not to get up.


Cats! They are wonderful creatures, but sometimes they can be really very lazy. They can do just everything they  want. But, sometimes lazy cat manages not to do even simple things. They want just lie and relax. But, what about eating? They need to eat something.

You can say: So, it means that sometimes they need to stand up and go to the bowl to eat something. But, this cat shows that it is really not as necessary as it seems. This lazy cat managesto eat from the bowl and not to get up. Really weird action, but also brilliant idea!

I’ve never seen such a lazy bone! How can a cat eat with its paws like that. Super sophisticated cat! And the cat isn’t fat!  Norwegians and Maine Coons are long and have big muscles. They just have massive amounts of fur. Being fed grapes by a scantily clad male/female slave (you pick) while lying on a chaise longue is the Roman dream we could all get behind.

It seems this cat agrees and sees itself as more Emperor Nero than a little Miss Tibbles. You never know –  Nala, a 5-year-old cat from Norway, may just be trying to introduce a level of restraint at dinner time instead of gobbling her food down like a common dog.

We found Nala eating her food in this ancient roman inspired way. She does not eat like this normally. A bit lazy cat after playing with all the snow balls and bottle caps?

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