Baby starts to talk and the kitty talks back. Hilarious!


How often  your cat talks back to you? My cats just do that all the time. I can not even imagine what they are speaking about. But it looks really hilarious. Maybe, they understand what I want to tell to them? Who knows? Cats are very smart animals, we only can not understand them.

This kitty also decided to talk back, but not to the owner. He started to speak with the baby. Moreover, it became a real conversation. Seems like they really understand each other. Maybe, little babies understan what the animals want to tell us? How do you think?

You might think that’s cute, but as I am multilingual in babby and catese, I must inform you that they are plotting to do something bad!) The mom of that little cutie said: ‘Every day, my daughter and Tabby cat have mini conversations. I have no clue what they talk about, but it is always hilarious. Hope you enjoy as much as I do!’

One day, the little one in this video started talking to her cat and to the mother’s surprise, the cat started talking back! This conversation went on so long and the baby’s mother sure was glad she had her phone out and could film the two of them.

You will love watching as the baby says something and then the cat answers her back. It is as if they truly understand what one another is saying. Too bad we can’t speak cat or baby so we can determine what they are saying because it seems to be an important discussion.

talks back

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