Amazing story about the cutest bond and friendship ever!


What is the best animal for a little baby? Of course it is a cat. And this story is just about such a friendship and the most unbelivable bond. Cats and babies can be the best friends ever, because they understand each other much more better than adult humans can.

Thi big fluffy cat also has the best friend ever, and it is the tiniest baby girl. The animals spends almost all it`s time near of the baby. She is just like guarding angel that would not leave her. Moreover, they look so wonderful together. I lovethem very much. And what about you?

What a cute friendship! Most of us tend to believe that cats are less devoted and attached to humans than dogs. Though, there are so many examples that may prove that cats can be very tender and they are able to show their love as well.  When it is about the relationship between babies and pets, most parents think that pooches are much better than cats.

Contrary to popular belief, most cats (not all of them of course) are actually very good with babies. In fact, cats, dogs, almost any kind of animals will not normally hurt babies. They will protect them as one of their own. Elly Zupko knew her cat, Squinty, well. He’d been a cuddly cat during the 15 years that she’d had him, so she wasn’t surprised when he started cuddling with her when she was pregnant.

She assumed that Squinty enjoyed her body heat, and as the family converted their office into a nursery, the cat seemed aware that something was about to change. “I think he enjoyed the warmth I was putting off, and my big cuddly belly. He must have known something was changing, because we turned our home office into a nursery, but I don’t think he knew what to expect.”


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