Rescued cat got the most beautiful name — Symphony.


There are so different and beautiful names, that cats can get. But, sometimes people want to accosiate the name with something. Or, just to make it unusual and special. Can the cat be a Symphony? Simply she can. And this is really one of the most beautiful names ever.

This man decided to give such a name to the rescued kitty. She was so grateful to her new human daddy that could not stop give him hugs and cuddles. And it looks really so cute and wonderful! Just watch this adorable video on the next page! You will love it just as I am.

Cats are so clever! Symphony puts her little paws around Larry’s neck! It was a beautiful thing. Her family and she are blessed in so many ways! That was a picture of happiness, she just loves her new family so much and it’s easy to see how much they love her too!

This sweet cat was rescued along with a bunc of other cats were in terrible condition due to a cat hoarder situation as we know – luckily this sweet kitty was safe, but she wasn’t very friendly at first. After helping her socialize a little more, she was ready for adoption, but when she arrived at the adioption center someone fell in love with her.

Lary went to pick her up and she instantly put her arms around him. Animals have feelings. They remember, they can learn, show fear, anger, and love.  This beautiful cat is named Symphony.


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